Essential Things To Do After Creating A WordPress Blog


Now you just need to set up your WordPress blog correctly so here are some essential things to do right after Creating a WordPress Blog.

Essential WordPress Settings:

1. Delete Default Post, Page, and Comment1. Delete Default Post, Page, and Comment

When you install WordPress, you get a stock installation with a few things like a dummy post, a dummy page, and a dummy comment.

So the first thing to do is delete all the dummy pages, posts, and comments.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Posts > All Posts and delete the default “Hello world” post.

Similarly, go to Pages > All Pages and remove the default “Sample Page.”

And finally, click on “Comments” and remove the default comment.

2. Set Up WordPress Permalinks


The default WordPress permalink is –

This permalink is short, but not friendly for search engines.

Go to Settings > Permalink and select “Post name.”

Click “Save”.

Now, when your URLs appear in search engines, some of the keywords will be visible. This will help you rank higher and get more traffic.

3. Set Your Timezone


The next two settings are found in Settings > General.

Make sure to set your timezone to your local time so that when you schedule posts, they will go live according to your time.

Also note:

When you installed WordPress, you added a “Site Title” & “Tagline.” You can change those anytime from this settings page. These two things are very important because this is what shows up in Google Search.

You can also set your admin email address (where you’ll receive all admin correspondence) from this settings page.

5. Set WordPress Discussion/Comments Settings


Now, go to Settings > Discussion.

This can get confusing if you don’t know what to do here. But just follow the above screenshot, and you’ll be good.

6. Populate WordPress Ping List


By default, WordPress only pings one service. But you can notify much more services by extending the ping list.

Go to Settings > Writing and add more services to the ping list.

You can get a big ping list over here: WordPress ping list.

Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Once you are done setting up WordPress, it’s time to install plugins.

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